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Red Dot Sight - Operator #2529 Instructor

At 303 Solutions Our 2-Day RDS-O Instructor Course is the perfect opportunity to refine your skills and become a certified instructor for officers wishing to carry pistol-mounted optics.


Day 1 - Red Dot Sight - Operator #2529 (8 Hours):

On the first day of this course, we will work the concepts and principals of performance shooting with an emphasis on pistol-mounted optics. The first day will consist of the Red Dot Pistol Operator #2529 end user training utilized by 303 Solutions LLC. We will work the foundational skills necessary for the Red Dot Pistol.


Day 2 - Red Dot Sight Operator #2529 Instructor Development (8 Hours):

The second day focuses on developing your instructor skills giving you the capability to certifying officer, shooting diagnostics, and shooter coaching for those in looking to carry pistol-mounted optics. This day includes:


• Diagnosing and fine-tuning shooting skills.

• Active participation in teach-back sessions, promoting effective teaching methodologies.

• Demonstrating your understanding of concepts and principles.

• Learning the necessary techniques to certify officers in pistol mounted optics.


Course Benefits:


• Instruction led by experienced firearms experts.

• Small class sizes to ensure personalized attention and feedback.

• Hands-on training with the latest equipment and techniques.

• Certification upon successful completion of the course.


Who Should Attend:


• Active or Retired state enforcement officers seeking advanced training.

• Current firearms instructors looking to expand their expertise.

• Law enforcement professionals aiming to qualify as RDSO-certified instructors.


Invest in your skills and make a significant impact on the future of firearms training. Join us for the 2-Day RDPO Instructor Development Course and gain the knowledge and certification you need to excel in the world of pistol-mounted optics instruction.


Equipment: Pistol with Red Dot Sight already mounted, duty grade holster and 2 magazine pouches on belt. Recommended minimum 5 magazines. USPSA Gear is welcome. 1000rds ammunition recommended. Extra is fine.

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RDS Operator #2529 (8hr)

The 1 day (500rds) TCOLE Red Dot Sight Operator #2529 course is designed around current TCOLE Red Dot Optics course for Red Dot Sight equipped pistols. This course is designed to insure that maximum information retention, efficiency of knowledge, practical application of the RDS pistol. The students will leave the course with a high level of understanding of the Red Dot Sight as it applies to the pistol. The students will learn concepts and principals based around the RDS pistol. This course will cover multiple areas including but not limited to:

Utilization and benefits of RDS on a handgun 

  • Common RDS issues 

  • Maintenance

  • RDS manipulation

  • Zero distances

  • Occluded shooting, additional sight methods  

  • Tracking the dot and shooter analysis 


Focus will be on the fundamental skills you need to consistently and efficiently utilize your RDS pistol in real world applications. We have packed this course with information to help make you a better shooter. You will leave the course with a greater understanding and more advanced skill level.

Course Prerequisites: 

  • Hold a TCOLE Peace Officer License that is in “Good Standing”

Equipment List 

  • Ballistic vest is optional

  • Red Dot Optic equipped pistol and 3 magazines (with at least 2 magazine pouches)

  • Reliable “outside the waistband”  or duty holster (no Serpa holsters) 

  • Pen, pencil and writing material

  • Eye and ear protection 

  • Appropriate Range clothing 

  • 500 rounds of pistol ammunition

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LE Arrest Control

Welcome to the LE Arrest Control course! This program is tailored specifically for law enforcement professionals to reinforce and put into practice grappling and striking techniques in combative arrest control scenarios. Throughout the course, you'll learn essential skills such as prone handcuffing, team-based arrest tactics, effectively dealing with hurried hands, executing takedowns, and precise striking techniques. Our training emphasizes real-life situations, ensuring you're well-prepared to handle resistant arrest situations with confidence and efficiency. Safety is paramount, and we'll stress the importance of using appropriate force while maintaining control. Prepare to enhance your arrest control abilities and develop the necessary skills to ensure the safety of both officers and the public. Let's get ready to train!

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